8 Costs You Can Save Through Chauffeur Car Hire

With the current economic climate, many businesses are looking to cut costs – and transport is one of their key focuses. For some companies the idea of a chauffeur-driven transport service would seem luxurious – but did you know it can be more cost effective than using public transport or other forms of travel?

See some of the top savings you could make by investing in private chauffeur solutions:

The Cost Of A Fleet

Vehicles don’t come cheap! The cost of buying your employees company cars, or providing them with a van or service vehicle is huge. Even for large companies this is a huge upfront expense which many can’t afford. Private chauffeur services allow your employees to enjoy being driven in the latest models, without having to front the cost.

Vehicle Storage

If your employees don’t take their cars home at night, then you’re going to need somewhere to store them. This extra land won’t come cheap and, even if you already own a large area to use as a storage area – think what this could be put to use to instead. In addition to this you’ll need to install a security system to protect your vehicles.


If your employees are travelling long distances then petrol can quickly become a huge expense. Whether they use a fuel card or claim back their expenditure, this is a large factored cost that can be eliminated when you use chauffeur services.


Parking is an ever-increasing charge. Choose a hotspot in a city and you could be paying well over £20 to park your vehicle for a meeting. A chauffeur service will drop you off and pick you up from the doorstep of your desired location, without having to worry about paying for parking charge – or having to allow for the extra time it can take to even find a free space nearby!

Car Maintenance

Vehicles incur a huge amount of wear and tear. Services, MOTs, general repairs – all of these can eat away into your business profits if you have a fleet of cars. Remove this cost of running your fleet by investing in chauffeur car services.


If you’re looking to streamline business operations, then reducing the amount of staff on your payroll might be a priority. Midlux Chauffeurs can provide businesses with an efficient courier and transport service – reducing the need to employ your own drivers and all of the costs associated with this.


Removing the role of driver from your employee frees up their travel time to answer calls, respond to emails and keep on top of their emails. The discretion of executive chauffeurs means that your employees can take calls and phone conferences completely confidentially, in a quiet environment. If your employees are billed out on an hourly rate, this is a huge amount of wasted time (and cost) during the hours they’re driving or sat on public transport unable to work efficiently.


There’s an endless list of unforeseeable costs that could stem from using your own vehicles or relying on public transport. Missed flights, train fines, damage to cars that prevent you attending a meeting, the one driver in the office calling in sick…all of these can be costly to your business. Trusting in private transport services can reduce the risk of these affecting your business.

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