8 Things To Know Before Using A Chauffeur

Chauffeured car hire is a luxurious and enjoyable experience to remember. To make sure that your journey goes as expected we’ve compiled a list of things to consider, and questions to ask, to your chauffeur service hire provider before booking your next trip:

Pre-Planned Routes

There may be a particular area or road that you would like your private car journey to take you along. If you have a desired route for your trip then make sure to check with your chauffeur ahead of the trip that this is possible. Your experienced chauffeurs will have in-depth knowledge of the roads in your area and be able to advise on the best route.

Hourly Minimum

For many chauffeur service trips in private hire vehicles there is a minimum journey time – usually a couple of hours. This is often different if you’re booking a destination trip, such as an airport drop-off, which has a fixed journey. Speak to your chauffeur to find out the hire requirements for your chosen trip.

Available Fleet

If you’re booking a private chauffeur trip, you want to ensure that you’re riding in the car of your dreams! Many chauffeur companies will have an extensive fleet range – meaning that they have the perfect vehicle for your journey, no matter what your preference, but it’s worth checking which models are available on your chosen dates.

Don’t Miss Your Event

If you’re using a private chauffeur to travel to an event, such as a concert or sporting competition, then you’ll need to allow extra journey time to deal with the traffic around the venue. Your chauffeur will be able to advise on this, leaving plenty of time to arrive at your destination stress free and in comfort.

Use Trusted Companies

The best way to check you’re using a reliable service provider is by listening to the stories of other clients. Word of mouth is an effective way to ensure the credibility of your chauffeur. Google reviews and trust pilot ratings are a good indication of the level of premium service you can expect to receive.

Additional Details

Additional extras can be the difference between an enjoyable ride and a luxury experience! If you’re celebrating, enjoy toasting iced champagne with friends and family as you travel in comfort and style. Or stream your chosen entertainment and music into the vehicle to really get the party going. At Midlux Chauffeurs, our consultants will be able to advise on the custom additional extras each vehicle has available to make your ride that extra special.

Keep In Touch

Make sure you’re aware of the contact details for your chauffeur, so you can get in touch with them when scheduling a pre-arranged pick-up. If you’re hiring a larger vehicle, check that you can communicate with your driver when en route too, in case you want to arrange alternative routes.

How Long Have You Booked

Make sure you’re aware of the amount of time you’ve booked for your private chauffeur. Last minute extensions may not be possible to be accommodate, or may prove more expensive, so ensure that you’ve allowed plenty of time for your private hire.

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If you have any questions about chauffeur hire, please don’t hesitate to ask our team today! At Midlux Chauffeurs, we have a wide range of luxury cars available for private hire and can answer any of your queries to ensure you book the perfect experience. Whatever the type of luxury car that you want to travel in, we’ll have something for you. To find out more about our expert chauffeur services, or any of our other transport solutions, get in touch today. Contact Midlux Chauffeurs on 0797 363 0336 or via the online contact form.

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